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Justin M. Cohen Releases New Monthly Radio Show

Kotlar Podcast Blurb

Justin M. Cohen of Kotlar, Hernandez & Cohen, LLC, has recently launched a monthly radio show on the American Justice Network, called “The Justin Cohen Show.” His co-host is Joseph Dougherty. The show will host lawyers, doctors, and other professionals to educate and answer questions from greater Philadelphia area residents. The debut of the broadcast[…] Read More »

Is Worker Fatigue a Safety Hazard?

worker fatigue

We all get tired at times on the job. This common occurrence is a problem when the experience becomes chronic, as often happens with shift workers; or acute, which accounts for many injuries to workers performing repetitive or mind-numbing job tasks. When fatigue results from work schedules, tasks, or stress, employers should recognize it as[…] Read More »

What Are the Deadliest Jobs in America?

deadly jobs

Small business research group AdvisorSmith compiled a list of the deadliest occupations using data made available from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). The study was conducted using the Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries, which is produced by the BLS annually to record the number of on-the-job deaths broken down by job function. The[…] Read More »

How can Carpentry Workers Stay Safe?

carpentry workers safe

Carpentry and woodworking jobs involve dangerous tools and dangerous working conditions that cause injuries to thousands of workers every year. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), there were 11,670 non-fatal injury or illness cases in 2019 that caused private-industry carpenters to miss work. That same year, 99 carpentry-related work injuries were fatal.  Carpenters[…] Read More »

How can Workers be Kept Safe during Demolition?

workers safe during demolition

One of the most dangerous stages of any construction project is demolition, when a structure is cleared to make way for the building of a new construction. Whether it is a small project or the demolition and rebuilding of an entire skyscraper, clearing out existing fixtures and building materials can involve dangerous and structurally destabilizing[…] Read More »

What are the Most Common Workplace Accidents?

common workplace accidents

Accidents happen in workplaces every day. Most are simple bumps and bruises. Others are much more serious. When discussing the types of accidents that result in lost productivity, lost workdays, medical intervention, and Workers’ Compensation claims, there are several types of injuries that make the list time and again. Some of these personal injuries involve[…] Read More »

What are Injuries Sustained Working in Retail?


Wet or cluttered floors and poorly positioned merchandise teetering on high shelves threaten the safety of customers and employees in all types of retail stores. Accidents in retail settings are all too common. Store fronts, backrooms, and loading docks are all sites of retail-industry accidents. With work to be done in all these areas, retail[…] Read More »

What are the Most Common Ergonomic Injuries?

Ergonomic Injuries

Over the past few decades, ergonomics has become a commonplace term. In workplace settings, the principles of ergonomics help designers create furnishings and machines that improve efficiency and lower the chance of worker injury from repetitive stress. Many employers base workflow protocols on ergonomics to reduce the chance of their employees getting hurt and, as[…] Read More »

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