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Truck Accidents

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The injuries suffered in a truck accident can be devastating and change your life significantly. When negligence led to those injuries, you deserve financial compensation. The Cherry Hill truck accident attorneys at Kotlar, Hernandez & Cohen, LLC know how to hold negligent parties accountable and fight insurance companies to helps injury victims successfully navigate their way through the claims process in New Jersey.

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Trucks come in all forms and sizes, ranging from delivery vans to 18-wheeler tractor-trailer trucks. All these different trucks have one thing in common: they are much larger and heavier than your car and can cause severe injury or death upon impact.

Large commercial truck drivers also have different rules and regulations they must follow to keep our roads safe, including the number of hours they log while driving in a given day. Unfortunately, in some cases, truck drivers may work over the number of driving hours permitted and cause an accident through fatigue, or they may speed and not observe the rules of the road in an attempt to get to their destination faster.

These are just some of the reasons why you should consult an experienced personal injury attorney with knowledge of trucking accidents and the rules and regulations truck drivers must follow. Since 1995, our attorneys have been helping truck accident victims recover compensation if they are injured in a trucking accident or lost a family member in a trucking fatality.

Why truck accidents happen

We have extensive experience with truck accident claims and can assist you with your trucking accident injury claim, including those arising from the following:

  • Truck accidents involving truck driver fatigue
  • Commercial truck accidents involving drugs or alcohol
  • Big rig collisions involving tire blowouts or other defective parts on a truck or trailer
  • 18-wheeler accidents stemming from improperly loading the truck’s trailer
  • UPS van, Fed Ex van or Postal van accidents caused by speeding or other moving violation

Typically, negligent drivers and trucking companies deny responsibility for an accident. Their insurance companies may even suggest that you were somehow to blame for what happened. That’s why you need an experienced law firm on your side with the knowledge and resources needed to fight for your rights.

Experienced attorneys who won’t back down

Our legal team investigates your accident to find out what really happened. We know where to look for evidence of negligence on the part of drivers and trucking companies. Our attorneys will seek access to information from the truck event data recorders and hours of service logs. We also seek access to relevant company maintenance and employment records.

We build a strong case that proves you were the victim of negligence, and fight to get you the compensation you deserve. Our attorneys are not interested in accepting a quick and cheap settlement offer from the insurance companies. We work to get you a resolution of your case that meets your needs. And as trial attorneys, we are prepared to go to court to get it.

Some of our attorneys – including our founder, Adam Kotlar – are board-certified by the New Jersey Supreme Court in the area of civil trial law. There aren’t many firms with board-certified attorneys on staff, as certification is a difficult and lengthy process. In fact, fewer than 3% of attorneys in the state are certified in any area of specialty.

In addition, some of our attorneys used to represent insurance companies. We know the tricks they use to try to keep payments as low as possible, and how to fight back against those tactics. Because our firm uses a team litigation approach, you get the benefit of our combined experience, no matter which of our attorneys represents you.

If you have been injured in a truck accident, learn more about how we can help you recover compensation. Call us at 856-751-7676 to schedule a free consultation. If you can’t come to one of our five offices, we can come to you.

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