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Types Of Workers' Compensation Benefits

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A workplace injury or illness can have a significant impact on your life. The workers' compensation system in New Jersey is set up to help injured workers get needed medical treatment and temporary wages while they recover. But claims can be disputed and even denied. The experienced attorneys at Kotlar, Hernandez & Cohen, LLC fight to get you all the benefits you need and deserve during this difficult time.

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When we take a workers' compensation case, we start with the end in mind. That means we know which benefits you should be receiving and are prepared to fight for you in court to get those benefits. Because of our reputation for going to bat for clients, insurance companies are often willing to negotiate a settlement that meets your needs. And if they aren't, our trial attorneys are ready to take your case to trial.

In New Jersey, workers' compensation benefits available to injured workers include:

Medical benefits

Your employer is responsible for providing you with reasonable medical treatment for injuries received in the course and scope of employment. Along with this obligation, your employer has the right to choose which medical care providers are authorized to provide medical services to you for your injuries. The obligation to pay for your medical treatment rests with your employer until the authorized doctor believes you will not get any better through further treatment.

It is important keep in mind that your employer is only obligated to pay for care provided by approved medical care providers. If you seek medical treatment with a care provider who is not authorized by your employer, then you may bear the responsibility for payment of any related medical expenses.

Wage benefits

Under the Workers' Compensation Act, your employer is obligated to pay 70% of your average weekly-wage In the event your work-related injury keeps you from working for seven days or more. This amount is subject to a statewide maximum benefit amount per week which is established on an annual basis.

Permanent disability award

After you have completed medical care for your injuries and there is evidence of a permanent impairment to a part of your body, then you may be entitled to an award for permanent disability. The award would be based upon a percentage of disability sustained to the affected body part. That percentage of disability translates into a specified number of weeks of disability benefits paid by your employer.

Future rights

After an Order Approving Settlement or Award of Compensation, you will have the right to seek additional medical treatment and petition the Court for a modification of the prior Award of Compensation. This right lasts for two years from the date you receive your last benefit. If you require additional treatment or if your disability worsens, you must act promptly in order to preserve your rights.

Some of our attorneys, including founder Adam Kotlar, are board-certified in the area of workers' compensation law by the New Jersey Supreme Court. We are always working harder because we believe clients deserve the best representation we can give them. Call us today at 856-751-7676 to schedule your free consultation.

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